Hello there!

I’m opening up commissions for a short time- full color chibi or portraits (any shading type) to help fund a trip to AWA (Sept. 26th to 28th) this year! I roughly need $325 to make this happen (badge =~$50-65; hotel room=~ $260). 


To help thank those who both follow me and also reblog this post, those individuals will be entered into drawing for a free chibi/portrait! ***Entry cut off date: Sept 17th- you’ve got time!***

Entries for the giveaway will be gathered, numbered, and picked at random by a number generator. If I get over 5 commissions, I’ll do another free art for a second lucky winner. Over 10, I’ll pick a third winner! The winner(s) will be selected around Sept 18th. Make sure you have your asks box open so I can contact ya, yeh? :d  

I sincerely appreciate anyone who helps me in any way to reach my goal!

v———Commission details under the cut———v

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